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Vive is where my journey with detailing all started. In 2017, the founder Anson Lau reached out to me about redesigning his detailing website and that was the beginning of diving deep into how best to explain the world of detailing in a clean, engaging way. It was the first appearance of the tab functionality to select different car sizes or packages and the pricing would change. 5 years later and Vive has had hundreds of thousands of views and received thousands of leads through the website.


After 5 years of using the website Vivë has experienced tens of thousands of page visits and thousands of leads through the website. It's rich content has helped educate and build trust with customers as a corner stone of the detailing space. The design has changed very little over the years due to it working so well. A lot of what was created in this website hadn't really been done before, and his influenced quite a few other websites in how it conveys themselves online.

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Building trust and value

We knew educating new customers to the world of detailing would be important to establish value in the service as well as reduce resistance in the sales journey. So we used clean layouts as well as great copywriting that start with why to get the service, then how it provides you with benefits, and then the what of the actual deliverables.

Select your car size with tabs

Vive has a wide range of packages and pricing that’s determined by the customers car size, so it was important to create a way for the customer to get an accurate idea of pricing while browsing the service. The solution to this was creating a tab system that can be used to select your car size, which then displays the correct package pricing.

"Nathan asked all the right questions, and most importantly executed everything PERFECTLY!"

Anson Lau

After firing my previous web designer and learned my lesson the hard way, I was on a mission to find a new web designer that I could work with, and most importantly turn my vision into reality. As a business owner and in the high end automotive business, I needed someone capable, on top of things and an eye for detail. Price wasn't a factor for me, I was looking for value and execution. A proper website will yield unlimited returns when done right. I've interviewed over 100+ web designers and I finally met Nathan.

Nathan checked all the boxes. I loved all the discovery questions, questionnaires and multiple meetings we had - before he even started to work on my projects. Nathan asked all the right questions, and most importantly executed everything PERFECTLY! Nathan has turned my vision into reality and my new website paid for itself THE FIRST WEEK! If you think it’s expensive creating and designing a proper website, wait till you hire a cheaper designer. IT WILL COST YOU MORE! NATHAN IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Answering customers questions

Whether it’s in the sales process or after someone has searched something into Google, clients will always have questions during the sales process. That’s why with Vive we aimed to create content that helps anticipate those questions and answer them sometimes before they’ve even thought of them. We did this through a thorough FAQ area on each service page before the contact form, as well as creating a popular blog post system to help answer specific topics in depth.

Niche landing pages

Vivë understands that a great looking website is useless if it doesn’t get any traffic. So in order to make their paid advertising campaigns more effective, we created focussed landing pages for the main services that aim to collect bookings as well as build an email list in exchange for an offer. The content of the page is designed to anticipate the concerns of the customer and knock them down before they’ve even had a chance to think of them.

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