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Politec is a Belgium based detailing company at the top of their game. With decades of experience they know the detailing industry inside and out. When their previous website design was needing a refresh, they were looking for something that could better educate and display to customers their packages and services. So when they discovered some of our previous car detailing websites, they already knew we could deliver exactly what they were looking for.


More leads, more value. This new website enabled them to explain and educate their decades of experience to new and old customers in a much more effective way. Their photography has never looked better, all curated in one place. As well as the new link to their shop area that provides them with an extra income stream.

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Shift Package
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Establishing expertise in the industry.

When you can explain you service is a very simple yet comprehensive way, it shows that you really understand your customers needs and how to achieve it. After decades of experience working in car detailing, they wanted to make sure that was a clear element of the brand message within the website. To achieve this, we used clear and concise messaging that mentioned their knowledge and trust, referencing suppliers that they work with as well as using social proof in the form of reviews. 

An interactive sale

Tesla uses a clever trick to get customers to get started in the purchase process. What they do is they get their customers to start building their dream Tesla and then once they're finished editing, get them to purchase. This interactive element gets them into a process of imagining receiving the product. We used this approach in the packages area by getting them to select which car size they have, which packages they're interested in as well as add ons, and then finished with a contact form. In fact, this whole package section is actually just one big contact form, but you wouldn't know it right away.

Perfect portfolio posts

It's always best to show rather than just tell. With this portfolio system, the team at Politec are able to share their work with in depth descriptions and great images, while also being able to reference what packages and services were used. With the added ability to filter by car make so that their customers can see specific results and better expect what type of results they'll be able to get from their service.

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