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E1 Auto Spa, previously known as Zenith Auto Works, is a PPF and Ceramic Coating specialist based in Florida. Mario reached out to me in 2020 to refresh his website to coincide with him giving his studio a face lift, all to move into the next level of the business and bring more quality clients in.


The site we ended up creating pushed the boundaries of what a car detailing website can do with advanced scroll animations and a great aesthetic. It's become a great place for their potential customers to learn more about their services in an engaging way and reduces time spent answering questions on the phone.

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Refining the identity

To kick things off we started with brand strategy to get an idea of what the aesthetic and prioritisation of the website would be. We went through his story as a detailer, customer profiles as well as the different elements of his brand. What came out of those sessions were clarity on how we can convey the brand in a way that resonates with the customers he likes working with. So with that as well as the design inspiration of the Need For Speed video game (Also based in West Palm Beach) I created a new identity for his brand.


With this website, we had the goal of using animations to help explain the value of the services in more of an engaging way, that keeps users scrolling and makes content more digestible than just length paragraphs. The PPF page uses some great animations. We took an image of a Porsche he worked on and traced a line around it as you scroll, which then leads on to a diagram that breaks down how PPF works. The next animation was for the ceramic coating page, where we establish the different ways you car can get dirty and how ceramic coating solves each of them, acting like a before and after in a way.

Mario Culpepper

Service structure

Using the why, how and what approach, we first establish what the value of the service is in getting it and what the point of it is. Then, we explain how the service works and the process that goes into it, helping to bring the customer in on the quality and attention to detail of the service. Next moving on to the what, which is showing the packages in a way that tailors the pricing to their car size or the area of the car they’d like working on. Finally backing everything up with social proof in the form of reviews and portfolio work.


It’s all well and good talking about what you do, but what really shows the impact you can deliver is by showing your work. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. We created a rich gallery format for each of his projects. Alongside this, a filterable system was used so that his customers can browse by car make. Enriching his search engine optimisation for specific car makes if someone was searching for previous results, helping to create more trust.

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