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Let’s schedule a call and we’ll talk about what you and your businesses goals for a website. If you’re happy to go ahead I’ll send through the agreement and upfront invoice and as soon as that’s processed we can get started!
How will I be able to edit the website?

Using your computer or laptop, you'll be sent a signup code to your website that creates a username and password. From there all you'll have to do to login is put ?edit at the end of your websites URL and you'll gain access to the editor. You'll be able to change text, images, links and add new reviews, portfolio posts and FAQs right on your screen.

When will I receive my order?

Once you've purchased your order we will aim to get your project setup ASAP, where you will then get your first follow up email after 1-3 days with a viewable link to see your website. However you can of course take as long as you like to get your website content right and publish it when you're ready past 7 days.

Do you also do logos and branding?

I do provide that service yes, however it's not currently a systemised service so the cost of the service is still relatively high compared to this service starting at around $1,000 which includes a logo design, brand identity and one application (For example a business card or signage)

Is the website responsive?

With over 80% of your website traffic going to be coming from mobile devices, we make sure that your website is going to look great in the palm of peoples hands. Everything is tested on multiple devices and designed specifically for responsiveness.

What if I don't have any images/content yet?

No problem, the images that come with the website are from a free stock image website called Unsplash, so you don't have to change the images right away. However it is recommended to get your own personal content in there as soon as possible to set you apart from the competition. As for copywriting, we'll provide you with a starting point that you can then go in and make your own as you please.

Won't other detailing businesses look like mine?

While they'll all follow the same layout, we'll always make sure that the aesthetic (The fonts, color scheme, images and content) are always individual to each business. You'd be surprised by just how much changing the font and colour scheme can make a difference.

Can I request extra changes to be made to the layout?

Certainly, if you get in touch with we'll discuss an hourly rate that suits your budget. It might even be the case that another client of hours has requested something similar and we can provide you the additional service for a small flat cost. In the coming months we'll be adding an add on section with new features for you to take a look at.

What about on-going SEO?

Search engine optimisation can be quite a mysterious thing for people starting out, our goal for this service was to demistify it and make it as simple as possible to get a great ranking so that you can focus on the work you love. That's why we set your website to be SEO optimised from the beginning and then provided you with the portfolio post feature to help build ongoing SEO. By sharing those Portfolio posts to social media you help to create more backlinks and traffic to your website which is great for SEO. In the coming months, we'll be adding an advanced SEO package to help streamline your website marketing.

Is this a template?

To put it simply, no, this is not a template. A template requires you to purchase a layout for $50 and then you have to figure out how to set it up yourself and you're then stuck with it's aesthetic. While this service uses a pre-made layout, the aesthetic (colors, fonts and imagery) as well as the content is customised directly to your business by us. We want to help set everything up for you to make getting a website as painless as possible, but still give you the ability to make changes by yourself whenever you like without the risk of breaking anything.

Can I use my own hosting?

We understand that you might have purchased a years worth of hosting and would like to use that instead of our hosting provider. However our software is tied directly into our hosting platform, which means if we were to export the project to your hosting provider you would lose the editor functionality, the ability to upload portfolio projects and reviews and more. So in summary, we can not export projects to clients own hosting. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with