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Hugh’s Detailing was awarded Modesta North American shop of the year 2021, so to match that level of quality in their services and results, the founder Brandon Hugh wanted to update his website to match their attention to detail and aesthetics. Previously they had been using a website he had made himself, which got the job done in establishing their business and sharing some decent articles, however it wasn’t a large traffic source for leads. Our goal was to create a stunning website that helped educate customers more effectively and lift the brand value.


A sleek looking website that delivers on putting the work front and center with a sleek design. It almost has a feeling of a streaming platform like Netflix, making it familiar to navigate in todays age as well as helps compliment the content.

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Fade to black

When it comes to creating a premium brand aesthetic, the use of a black colour palette connotes authority, intrigue, elegance and sophistication. Using this on the website enables us to create a feeling of a premium, high quality brand. It also has the upside of creating contrast with your images, helping them to really make them stand out on the screen.

Navigating the services

Hugh’s Detailing provides eight different services. So the question was how do you help the lead navigate all those services in an easier way, as well as prioritise the important ones and what they need to know. The solution was to use the combination of a slider on the home page, which is the first thing you see after you scroll, that has a description on hover feature that explains what the service is. The next solution was a nav bar that has a dedicated area to the services, showing them off with images of the service behind it.

Brandon Hugh

Establishing value of the service

To establish the value of something, I believe starting with why is really important. When you’re buying an airplane ticket they don’t sell you on how fast the plane is, they sell you on the feeling of laying on the beach. So to start with why in detailing, you establish the feeling of protection, time saved, enhanced looks first (the beach), then move on to how you go about doing that (the plane) and then the what of your service, which is your packages (the ticket)


Brandon’s work with Hugh’s Detailing is award winning, so sharing that work is a great way to build trust and authority in the industry as well as explain just why it’s so good. Our portfolio system enables him to create in depth posts on the process and services used on each car as well as show off all the images he needs to. So when people search for a specific car make to be detailed, he’ll start showing up in search results for working on that car, as these posts are built like blog posts and have all the same benefits.

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