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After upgrading their location to a large new space, it was time for the team at Clean Labs to update their website as well to match the amount of leads they would need to fill the space. Previously they had used a website they put together themselves, which had got the job done, but were now looking for something more professional that could help convert and educate better. To deliver this we used our Design Detail system to have the ground work of the site already setup and then tailored it to their business’ needs and aesthetic.


From making the most of a Wix website for years, to this new website has given the team at Clean Labs a whole new outlet to get leads and educate their customers on the quality of their services. The new portfolio area has also shown customers what's possible for their vehicles and started getting in traffic to the website based on that specific car make.

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Shift Package
Prime Package

Getting setup

With them already using black as part of their brand identity, our base layout already suited their brand quite well. To make it more custom to their brand, we updated the font combinations to a condensed font that works nicely with the car industry as well as helped them to refine their logo slightly. As they had a previous website, I could use their service and package information as a jumping off point to get the website up and running in under two weeks for them to start making edits to the content.

Levelling up the services

Using our design system, Clean Labs had access to as many service pages as they wanted as well as every single type of section they would need to help build value and trust in their services. Starting off with the why section, this explains the point of the service and the desired end result. Next moving on to a process/benefits breakdown of how the service would be performed then finally showing the car size selection and package section. They could add and remove sections they needed as they pleased, as well as add and remove packages incredibly easily.

"We would never be where we are without your creativity"

Adam Caterino

First and foremost, thank you! Our page has created an instantaneous response from our current and new customer base. We would never be where we are without your creativity, and fully functional webpage. Over the better half of 3 years, our page was uninspired and barely functional. It was heavy, lack luster in design and flare. We sat down with multiple designers (25). Nathan was a clear choice. He had the vision, and charisma that Clean Lab needed. The original plan was to use a custom design that was signature to our brand. However, being a young and growing company we opted to go with something a bit more pre-designed. While I was a bit hesitant, our page feels and looks very bespoke. It truly is gorgeous.  

Nathan's process was simple, but professional. It started with a phone call to talk about his process, but also to cover our needs, From there it was super quick. Our page was up and running, with some fine tuning of course, it was up and running in a week. Clean Lab is an exceptionally busy boutique detailing company. Time for us is money. Nathan was there for us with a quick response time when we needed him most... Mainly for stupid questions.He's is always happy to help. This is more valuable than anything. DON'T undervalue responsiveness. Overall, our experience with Nathan is 5 stars. Personally, I have recommended Nathan to a few clients, as well as my wife for her new page. I can't wait to see these projects once rolling. I wish nothing but the best for anyone working with Nathan, and I hope even more huge success for this young man.

Going into detail

When you're passionate about your work your customers can tell by the way you talk about it and are proud to show it off. That's why having the opportunity to go into better detail with your portfolio posts breaking down the services and process that went into each car is great for a number of reasons. A great added benefit is that it makes creating on going content much easier, which is great for SEO, as these posts are built like blog posts, so you get all the same benefits of them.

Editing made easy

Because we used our pre-made detailing website system, Adam and his team gained the ability to easily add and edit new content in the form of service pages, packages, FAQs, reviews, portfolio posts and blog posts. With each of these elements having a design we created specifically for his business, all he had to do was enter or edit the information and it would automatically create a design that was perfect for his needs, fully tested and ready to be shared.

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