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Pristine Detail was looking to upgrade from their Wordpress website to something more engaging. After coming across a few of our other designs, they got in touch to get something similar made for their website. Mylan and his team had some really great photography to work with which gave the website a great consistency in it's photography. It's a great example of just how much well taken photography can enhance your website and impress your customers.


The leads Pristine Detail have seen after launching have been amazing. We hit our goal and then some, all while also increasing the quality of the leads. Not only that, we've been able to increase the content on the website through filling out the portfolio area which in turn increased traffic to the website as well.

Project Type
Shift Package
Prime Package

Creating an automotive style

With the goal of the project to enhance the overall brand aesthetic to a more premium feel, we started out with some brand strategy to understand what that might look like to his customers. This is where we ask questions about the brand and it's desired customers to reverse engineer an aesthetic that would help achieve the goals, rather than just looking nice. What we ended up creating used a combination of typefaces that felt inline with the automotive industry that also paired with the idea of technical detail.

Capturing quality

It's a real joy to work on a website that has great photography. When you have imagery as good as this, you want to make a layout that emphasises it and puts it front and centre. What makes the photography so great is that it's consistent in the way it's framed and taken, even using similar car colours at times. On the home page we edited one of the portrait pictures to become a seamless section without borders, so that it was less of a background image and more of an actual element within the page that influences the layout.

Mylan Sleets

Delivering the packages

Previously their website had a hard to follow structure, where each package had it's own page. The new website utilised a service page design that had the ability to select which car size they had which would then customise pricing on the packages. Showing them a preview of the packages available in a table style format, where they could then click "Learn more" to then be taken to a package page. We set this up in the editor in a way so that Mylan and his team can easily add/edit packages and everything automatically get styled and put in the right place.

Detailing portfolio design

A portfolio helps establish trust and expertise with your customers. If they can actually see the results you've created for your clients then it drastically reduces the risk. For Pristine Detail, we created a portfolio system that is built like a blog post, enabling to add in depth, rich descriptions of the project while also being able to show off the images. Pristine Detail also tends to work with specific car makes as well, so we integrated a "Browse by car make" feature where they can see specific car brands. These car make pages are great for when people are searching "Best Tesla PPF near me" etc.

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