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The founder, Raul, had been using a website he had built himself as we all do in the beginning to save money, and had actually been getting some decent enough results from the website. The only problem is his load times were very slow and some of the features he wanted were lacking. So after finding some of my work, he reached out to me to create something great.


I really love how this website turned out. We were able to massively boost his load times and deliver some great features, which has brought him in a lot more leads. Raul even mentioned that people had been going with him just based on how his website looked which is great to hear. He's also taken really well to using the editor and continuing to add new content to the website.

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Shift Package
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Refining his brand identity

We started off with some brand strategy to get an idea of Raul’s story as well as the business’ values so we could make sure his brand identity matched up with his goals and customers he’d like to work with. So after a few strategy sessions I put together a stylescape that shows an early design direction based on his brand values, which we then develop into more of a stylescape to be used on the rest of the website. He even used it to inform some of his social media posts as well.

Keeping it engaging

When it came to the educational parts of the website, we wanted to make sure that the content was engaging as well as easily scannable. To do this we used a mixture of bullet item points with icons, transition animations, diagrams as well as videos. The result is a website that gets the key selling points of the services across as well as anticipate any objections upfront and answers them quickly and effectively.

Raul Chavez

Packages and Add ons

There are quite a lot of packages and add ons available with detailing businesses, as well as fair amount of information in each package such as an explainer paragraph, deliverables, duration and pricing. To make sure this content was easily readable without being too long to scroll through, we used the car size tab functionality as well as expandable packages that can be clicked on to provide more or less information.

Urable Booking and Product Integration

Another element within the service and contact pages was the integration of the booking platform Urable. For specific simple packages that don’t require a diagnosis phase, his customers can click a button on the package to be taken to the specific package on the Urable platform. Another way this was used was to create a product list in the style of an ecommerce website that could be used to navigate the selection of products he sells.

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