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Canada based detailer Auto Quest, run by Rob Schultz and his family were looking to upgrade their website after using the same one for 10 years. They were looking for more functionality and to convey their quality and value better in their service pages. So we used our detailing website system to deliver everything they could need.


We created a whole new fresh look for this brand and implemented it into the Shift package. When you compare this website to his competitors in the area, it's certain that it makes him stand out in terms of quality and the level of education it provides.

Project Type
Shift Package
Prime Package

A clean new look

Their previous website had started to look slightly outdated in it's use of colour and typography, so the first thing to do was talk about their business and what type of style would attract the type of customers they were looking to attract. After going through some brand strategy, we created some stylescapes to figure out which design direction would be best. Once they were happy with the new style we applied that to our base layout. Using modern typography that aligned nicely with the automotive industry, almost having a Fast and Furious type feel.

Servicing the services

The next element of the website was to update their services with their new packages and information. We started off by taking their previous information from their old site so that Rob would get an idea of how the page would flow, then we refined the packages and services to use the new information. By using new features such as social proof, portfolio posts, FAQs as well as car size selection, we were able to better explain his services and the value. Enabling customers to see the value in his new pricing structure.

Rob Schultz

Putting in the work

With as much experience as Rob and his team has, you really gain a sense of trust in his capabilities when you can see the results that he can deliver. That's why building a portfolio area where he can share each car he worked on with a rich description of the process and services that went into it is a great way to build trust. This portfolio system also enables his customers to filter by a specific car make, helping him niche down in certain areas so that if someone searched "Tesla Model 3 ceramic coating near me" a whole range of his work would appear in the search results.

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