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Based in West London, Koi Detailing is a mobile detailer that was looking to level up their business to the next phase. In order to do that, they needed to collect higher quality, more frequent leads in a more automated way. To achieve this we used our Design Detail website system that gave him everything he needed to build value in his services and show off his work in style, helping him gain more leads.


The new website has set them leagues above the competition in terms of presentation and establishing the value of their services. Compared to people in their area, the website has levelled the playing field of mobile detailing. Increasing leads and traffic to the website for the London based detailing business.

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Services made simple

After filling out the setup questionnaire, we went in and set the website up with his services and packages. This gave Jeff, the owner, the ability to get an idea of how the customer would experience his packages. This meant that he could go into the editor and refine his packages to make them as simple and straight forward as possible to capture the right fit for his customers. So we refined the pricing tab section to suit his needs even more, providing detailed package pages that went into all the information he wanted to get across.

A great deal

Our detailing website system has a feature where detailers can easily create promotions and deals to be displayed on the service pages as well as be advertised in blog posts. This gave Koi Detailing the ability to share the deal to social media and even put ads behind it to draw traffic and awareness to the website.

Jefferson Rey

Booking software integration with Fieldd

Making your business run as smoothly helps you focus on what's most important. That's why creating systems that work in the background for you to get leads makes running it much easier. That's why we integrated a customer scheduling software right into the package tables that when clicked, enables customers to enter their location, information and even make a payment, that automatically gets scheduled to their calendar. All without leaving the website.

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