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Chris at Detail 2 U was looking for a new website that would finally get across his work and the value that it provides. He'd had a website in the past but had been burnt out by the lack of execution on what he really wanted. So when he came to us, we aimed to use the Shift Website Service to guarantee he was getting exactly what he wanted from a new car detailing website design.


By implementing the Shift website service to his brand, we were able to quickly get a website together that delivered on what he was after. We adjusted it to his needs for his mobile detailing services and we launched to great success. Finally getting in the leads he'd been looking for as well as perceived brand value with the design that helped him sell his services easier.

Project Type
Shift Package
Prime Package

Calling the mobile

An important element for this project was to still integrate the mobile detailing side of the business around the website. So to make sure people knew it was still available, we added extra sections to both the home page as well as added it's own link in the nav bar to make sure it stood out to users.

Getting a clean idea

The more value you can provide to your users the better, that way they're more educated on your services which in turn means less having to explain yourself again over the phone. To do this, we added a section on the PPF and Ceramic Coating pages that simply cleared up the differences between the two as there was normally a lot of misconceptions of what each does.

Chris Jankowski

Picking up the tab

When you're working with services that have variable prices and coverage selections, a great way to display them in a concise area is to utilise tabs. This way the user can select the option that they want without having to scroll through multiple images and increases interactivity.

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